The Koi NFTs

About the NFTs and why you should buy and trade

This collection is held by the Faith Grace Foundation with kind permission of the artist

The Faith Grace Foundation supports men, women and children trying to escape the cycle of domestic abuse. We provide emergency shelter, food and education in the UK

The inspiration

Keeping Koi can be a rewarding and an interesting hobby even the digital ones

These Living Jewels will live forever on the block pond – a great investment

The hatching process

Each Koi NFT was individually drawn to a brief and research on the type of fish

” They are artistic representations for you to enjoy not exact or fine art by any means “

Made on Linux Ubuntu Studio with InkScape.

Be original – be open source

The future & secondary markets

We will continue to promote the sale of these NFTs – Enjoy them

If you decide to sell we earn 15% – How good is that?

Happy collecting from the #NFTcommunity

Please see terms of sale, licensing and privacy policy